Why water.org:

We donate $ 2,- for every box O-Care you buy so more people benefit from clean water. 
Please find out more about the innovative initiatives of water.org on the website

Water.org is an organization that is solving the water crises.
780 million people – about one in nine – lack access to safe water; 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet. Water.org is dedicated to changing this. 
Through sustainable solutions and financing models such as WaterCredit, we can provide safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all. 
Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, Water.org pioneers innovative, community-driven and market-based solutions to provide access to safe water and sanitation -- giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To date, Water.org has positively transformed millions of lives around the world, ensuring a better life for generations ahead.


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  • Aqua Tool App
    Aqua Tool App

    The Aqua Tool

    This app enables you to fix any water issue you might have anywhere in the world.
    The Aqua Tool from O-Care will help you with water maintenance with any kind of hot tub, small pool or swim spa.
    It starts with the…

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  • O-Care abonnement met korting
    O-Care abonnement met korting

    Abonneer en Bespaar !

    Voordeel van € 40,- per jaar:
    - € 40,- ProductkortingGeen kans op mispakken:
    - U krijgt automatisch naar uw keuze iedere 3 of 4 maanden een doos O-Care toegestuurd.Opzeggen per maand:
    - U kunt het…

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